Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cine-a ispitit Ispita ?!

Incerc sa inteleg cine l-a ispitit pe Ingerul Luminii, cel mai stralucitor si pur inger al lui Dumnezeu.
Ok, noi oamenii avem (am inventat) scuza cu sharpele si cu necuratul.

Dar se pune intrebarea: oare cum a fost posibil ca cel mai bun inger al lui Dumnezeu sa devina asa, brusc, peste noapte, arogant si mandru si sa il sfideze pe Dumnezeu ......?!
Sa il fi creat Dumnezeu cu aceste "calitati", cu aceste slabiciuni....?
Pai atunci nu mai vorbim de 'inger' in acceptiunea cunoscuta de mine, anume aceea de fiinte superioare, perfecte, facute din lumina, asexuate...etc.
Poate ca ma insel, poate ca ideea mea despre ingeri e gresita si sunt si ei de fapt ca noi: si cu bune, si cu rele...

Sau poate nu :)

There is no possible source of evil except good.
(St. Augustine)

Eight of cups

Eight of Cups - Tarot Card Description
The Eight of Cups is another card of change and transition. The card evokes an immediate reaction of sadness and a sense of solitude. The young man in this card has turned his back on all he has accumulated or accomplished before. He is disappearing by night into a barren and difficult terrain with only a cloak on his back and a staff in hand.
There is a general sense of dissatisfaction arising from a realization that the things we have fought and struggled to attain may not be as satisfying as we had hoped they would be. This card resembles the card of the Fool in that the main character is embarking on a journey, yet there are significant differences in the attitude and feeling behind these two cards. The Fool is already at the top of the mountain and is carelessly stepping off the edge. He is naive and inexperienced and begins his journey as an adventure.

The character in the Eight of Cups, on the other hand, has lived and experienced life's joys and sorrows. His journey is undertaken because of a sense of restlessness and unhappiness experienced as the result of achieving all he has desired, yet finding those things to be less fulfilling than expected. This individual has chosen to forsake the familiar and the comfortable in the pursuit of higher goals. He is embarking upon the spiritual journey because he has not found deep satisfaction in the things of the world, the things with which he is familiar.

On the eight of Cups, we see a man leaving on a journey. He has turned away from his old feelings (cups/river) to strike out on a new path.

In the eight of cups, we see a person walking away from a stack of cups. It obviously took some effort to build up those cups, and stack them so neatly. Why has this person turned their back on them? There is nothing for him in the direction he is walking. All we see is barrenness. Everything he has worked for is behind him.

When this card shows up, it indicates a person disappointed enough to walk away from everything he has built up. It could indicate a disappointment in love, or a dissatisfaction with material success. It could also indicate that the person has overextended himself to the point of exhaustion. I would caution the person to slow down and take it slower before he gets totally burnt-out.

Rejection of material life. Disappointment in love. Desire to leave material success for something higher. Wish is fulfilled but not to the degree you want it to. Seize the day to gain honor.
Don't understand the situation you're in or why things are the way they are, and want to know if there's anyone ''up there'' who's listening or cares. Whether you see it or not, you're being given the opportunity to rise above your habitual or instinctive response patterns and if you make a conscious attempt to do so, they will lose their grip on you.
In a relationship reading, the Eight of Cups highlights that you would ideally like to escape all the emotional issues that surround the relationship, and carry on as if you were in a perfect partnership. You would like to be able to turn your back on any of your past issues, and re-establish a new relationship together. However, deep down, you know that these issues which will continue to plague the relationship if they go unaddressed.

- Biddytarot

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Mara:- You who go where no-one else will dare, will you be my god?
Siddhartha:- Architect, finally I have met you. You will not rebuild your house again.
Mara:- But I am your house... And you live in me.
Siddhartha:- Oh, lord of my own ego, you are pure illusion, you do not exist. The earth is my witness.

- Little Buddha (the movie)

Feeling good

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good

Fish in the sea you know how I feel
River running free you know how I feel
Blossom on the tree you know how I feel
Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don't you know
Butterflies all havin' fun you know what I mean
Sleep in peace when day is done
That's what I mean

And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me

Stars when you shine you know how I feel
Scent of the pine you know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel

- Michael Buble version

Monday, February 22, 2010

Every time

Every time you say goodbye
It breaks my heart a little
And for every time I've made you cry
You know I die a little
Because I love you...
I love you like the thunder loves the lightning...
Like the wind loves the rain

Every time you say goodbye
I see the love is...
I see the love is a strenght and a weakness
And for every time I've made you cry
I feel the tenderness
And the love that's between us

Oh when you're walking in the shadow of the valley
Oh I'll be walking right beside you
To take the darkness away ...

by Armand Amar

Soldier of Love

I've lost the use of my heart
But I'm still alive
Still looking for the life
The endless pool on the other side

It's a wild wild west
I'm doing my best
I'm at the borderline of my faith,
I'm at the hinterland of my devotion
In the frontline of this battle of mine
But I'm still alive

I'm a soldier of love.
Every day and night
I'm soldier of love
All the days of my life

I've been torn up inside (oh!)
I've been left behind (oh!)
So I ride
I have the will to survive
In the wild wild west,
Trying my hardest
Doing my best
To stay alive

I am love's soldier!

I wait for the sound
I know that love will come (that love will come)
Turn it all around
I'm a soldier of love (soldier of love)
Every day and night
I'm a soldier of love
All the days of my life

I am lost
But I don't doubt (oh!)
So I ride
I have the will to survive
In the wild wild west,
Trying my hardest
Doing my best
To stay alive

I am love's soldier!

- Sade

"What is love?"

"Charged with the work in the morning at about half past eight, an old man in eighty interred to my pharmacy to remove some stitches from the thumb, he said, in a hurry because it is for a date in the ninth. Provided him with a chair and talked a bit and I am interested in stitches removed his wound. I asked him: If he has a schedule this morning with a doctor and that was in a hurry!
No, I'm not; I'm going to the care home for breakfast with my wife. When I asked him: why his wife to enter the care home ? He replied: there is as long ago as Alzheimer's disease with (poor memory), while we talking, I have finished to change the wound.
I asked him: Does your wife be worried if you delayed for a little time?
He replied: "She did not know who I am. She can not identify me the five years ago,"
I said, amazed: and you are still going to have breakfast with her every morning, although it does not know who you are?!!!!!!!
The man smiled and pressure on my hands and said: She does not know who I am, but I know who she is."

"Ce este dragostea ?"

“Era o dimineata aglomerata la cabinet cand, in jurul orei 08:30, intra un domn batran cu un deget bandajat. Imi spune imediat ca este foarte grabit caci are o intalnire fixata pentru ora 09:00. L-am invitat sa se aseze stiind ca avea sa mai treaca cel putin o jumatate de ora pana sa apara medicul. Il observ cu cata nerabdare isi priveste ceasul la fiecare minut care trece. Intre timp ma gandesc ca n-ar fi rau sa-i desfac bandajul si sa vad despre ce este vorba. Rana nu pare a fi asa de grava… in asteptarea medicului, ma decid sa-i dezinfectez rana si ma lansez intr-o mica conversatie.
Il intreb cat de urgenta este intalnirea pe care o are si daca nu prefera sa astepte sosirea medicului pentru tratarea ranii. Imi raspunde ca trebuie sa mearga neaparat la casa de batrani, asa cum face de ani buni, ca sa ia micul dejun cu sotia.
Politicoasa, il intreb de sanatatea sotiei. Senin, batranul domn imi povesteste ca sotia, bolnava de Alzheimer, sta la casa de batrani de mai bine de 7 ani.
Gandindu-ma ca intr-un moment de luciditate sotia putea fi agitata de intarzierea lui, ma grabesc sa-i tratez rana dar batranul imi explica ca ea nu-si mai aduce aminte de 5 ani cine este el... Si-atunci il intreb mirata:
“Si dvs. va duceti zilnic ca sa luati micul dejun impreuna?“.
Cu un suras dulce si o mangaiere pe mana, imi raspunde: “E-adevarat ca ea nu mai stie cine sunt eu, dar eu stiu bine cine este ea“.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ten of Coins

A couple is standing in front of a great castle with turrets. Colourful foliage makes the backdrop.
They are holding hands and look at each other happily - his head is tilted down to her face and you can see they will kiss any moment now.
Both wear festive clothing - gown and tux - which looks natural and comfortable on them, like they are elegantly outfitted every day. Still, the whole arrangement suggests this could be a wedding.
On the left side of the card, ten coins from various currencies form a line. On one of the bigger coins, the light gets caught in a sparkling flare.

Castle: Material accomplishment, a safe harbour, a stronghold for values and valuables alike.
(Wedding) Couple/Marriage: Emotional stability and maturity; a traditional approach to life; setting things "in order".
10 Coins: Material abundance, wealth, connection to the Earth element. Flare on Coin: Success shines; a falling star that stands for granted wishes
Foliage and plants: Growth on a stable foundation, harvest, but also new seeds, indicating following generastions.

Card Meaning
This cards depicts my best friend and his wife on their wedding day. Both come from affluent backgrounds, but both pursue very successful careers. They always radiate just the aura of contentment that for me goes with the 10 of Coins. Incidentally, their zodiac signs are Virgo and Taurus, thus emphasizing the Earth correspondence of the Coins suit, which is very pronounced in the Ten.

The wealth in this card usually does not come suddenly, nor to those without merit. It is a result of efforts. The couple in this card has received part of their wealth, both material and in terms of stable loving homes, from the generation before them, but did not rest on the laurels, and made their own way. As every completed cycle carries the seed for the new cycle, they are now ready to share their wealth and pass it on to the next generation.

- Aeclectic

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eight of Swords

A brightly dressed, unhappy looking king looks out of a castle window. His view is blocked by eight crossed swords which impinge on his coat of arms carved into the wall below the window.

Even the finest castle can be confining. Swords in the path (and the violence that goes with them) can impede progress rather than cut a way through the undergrowth of life. Wealth and fine clothes are not everything.

Card Meaning
A king looks out from forced isolation; he is in serious difficulties. Although his eyes are wide open, he simply does not see. All the problems could be overcome if he could see the options open to him, but he isn’t looking for the way out; he is just obsessed with the situation he finds himself in. He sees himself as trapped, and cannot at present see himself in any other light. If he just turned around he could walk away into the rest of his life, but he has to take that step. It will happen if he lets it. It’s the classic case where you can only be helped if you want to be helped. All the things he needs are already there for the taking.
- Aeclectic

Monday, February 15, 2010

Your wings are too big for this cage

Your soul became too big for the ego cage you keep it locked in...Set yourself free !!!!

Be what you are not

" During the waiting period Servers sometimes embody and demonstrate the opposite characteristics to those which they will express once they awaken, and such polarisation is an important aspect of their program. Limited by both the veil of forgetfulness and by certain necessary restrictions inherent within the personal program, Earthly existence is so often a source of much anxiety for Servers, who may, nevertheless, eventually and completely transcend every shortcoming, weakness and need of the lower self in order to exemplify success and mastery in a particular sphere of human achievement. It may be remembered that Servers incarnate to play the drama of human life at all levels, and they are ultimately destined to reawaken later into the relative perfection of their true Nature, and to realise that their temporary roles as, for example, criminals, prostitutes, tramps, etc., were assumed as a part of their program so that they could experience, learn, transmute and thus serve at that level."

- Servers of the Divine Plan


"Following a major wake-up call (i.e., one having significant and lasting transformative effect), Servers will generally pass through three stages of response. First comes the stage of enchantment, euphoria and of grand recognition; then a relative darkness follows, and sometimes even despair when the revelation fades, and Servers find that they must walk again in the ordinary dim shadows of the world. They now have some idea of who they are, but it is at this point that their real test lies, for they must now proceed on that inner knowledge and memory alone, and without the spiritual stimulation of the wake-up call. Moments of sometimes intense inner vision are usually balanced and integrated in this way by relatively dormant periods of reflection, absorption and consequent preparation for the next step forward. Finally, awakening Servers become so engrossed in their service, in aiding their fellows, and in helping them forward toward their next wake-up call, that the initial excitement and reaction are forgotten. They then discover to their surprise that at any time and at will - if it serves their selfless interests and those of the Divine Plan - the revelation and spiritual light that were first delivered by a wake-up call are forever theirs."

- Servants of the Divine Plan

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Come to the edge

- "Come to the edge" he said,
- "We can't, we are afraid" they said...

- "Come to the edge"
- "We can't, we will fall"
- "Come to the edge"
and they came
and he pushed them
and they flew.

Christopher Logue

Game of shadows

When you walk in fear and darkness everything around you seems fearing and dark, even the angels...
When you walk in love and light everything around you is loving and bright.
Light helps us see the truth.
The sun never rises or falls. It just is there, always, even when it's night for us...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wake-up calls

"Following true wake-up calls (and not merely psychic experiences, which have become so common today), Servers will generally find it uncomfortable, if not impossible, to revert to their previous routines which shall invariably appear quite unsatisfying and bleak in light of their new and brighter perceptions. Radical changes are inevitable for each and every awakening Server in the world today as old life-patterns and ideals begin to be recognised by their expanding consciousness as inappropriate and even antagonistic to their remembered purpose in incarnation. Careers, relationships and certain mundane commitments made prior to a wake-up call will swiftly become incompatible with the new awareness being triggered from within, and past ways of living will eventually lose their appeal completely. At this time Servers may become aware that there exists a pressing need to regroup upon the physical plane, and so the greater part of their search will begin. New pathways of opportunity will then reveal themselves, leading to valuable experience that will impel Servers to resolve all disharmony in their lives in readiness for the Harvest Time. They will be compelled to face any and all fears, and to balance and clear the corresponding emotions that will arise due to the expanding new light within them."

- Servers of the Divine Plan

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In our secret garden

You are the Three of Life and I am the Bird of Paradise.
You bear the fruits of knowledge and i sing the song of immortality.

Do you hear my i taste your fruits...?


A luat Dumnezeu o mana de tzarana, o raza de soare, o pana de pasare, o picatura de ploaie, o adiere de vant, o petala de floare, o aripa de fluture, o frunza de copac, un fruct de pom, un instinct de animal, cateva elemente chimice, cateva minerale, metale si alte compozite, a mai luat si sfintenia ingerilor si le-a amestecat.
La sfarsit a suflat peste toate Duhul sfant al dragostei...

Cine sa mai inteleaga CE e Omul ?!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Star

Basic Tarot Story

On the bleak landscape where the Tower stood, the Fool sits, empty, despairing. He hoped to find himself on this spiritual journey, but now he feels he's lost everything, even himself. Sitting on the cold stones, he gazes up at the night sky wondering what's left. And that is when he notices, nearby, a beautiful girl with two water urns. As he watches, she kneels by a pool of water illuminated with reflected starlight. She empties the urns, one into the pool, one onto the thirsty ground.

"What are you doing," he asks her. She looks up at him, her eyes twinkling like stars. "I am refilling this pool, so that those who are thirsty may drink, and I am also watering the earth so that, come spring, the seeds will grow," she tells him. And then she adds, "Come. Drink." The Fool comes to kneel with her by the pool and drink. The water tastes wonderful, like liquid starlight. "I can see you are sad," the girl continues, "and I know why. But you must remember that you have not lost all. Knowledge, possibilities, and hope, you still have all of these. Like stars, they can lead you to a new future." Even as she says this, she began to fade away, like dew, vanishing. All that remains is a gleam that was at the center of her forehead. This rises up and up, until it settles in the night sky as a shining star. "Follow your star," the woman's voice seems to sing from that light, "and have hope." The Fool takes in a breath and rises. It is a dark night, a desolate land. But for the first time, he has a guiding light to show him the way. Distant as it is, it heals his heart, and restores his faith.

Basic Tarot Meaning

With Aquarius as its ruling sign, The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench the Querent's thirst, with a guiding light to the future.

- Aeclectic

The price of Freedom the Truth.
And the Truth will set you free.


"It is indeed misery if I stretch an empty hand to men and receive nothing; but it is hopelessness if I stretch a full hand and find none to receive."

- Khalil Gibran

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy vaccine...?

"...Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so."

- Bertrand Russel (The Impact of Science on Society)


Mergeam asa,
Cand deodata in fata mea,
S-au desfacut doua drumuri :
Unul la dreapta,
Si altul la stanga,
Dupa toate regulile simetriei.

Am stat,
Am facut ochii mici,
Mi-am tuguiat buzele,
Am tusit,
Si-am luat-o pe cel din dreapta
(Exact cel care nu trebuia,
Dupa cum s-a dovedit dupa aceea).

Am mers pe el cum am mers,
De prisos sa mai dau amanunte.
Si dupa aceea in fata mea s-au cascat doua
Prapastii :
Una la dreapta
Alta la stanga.
M-am aruncat in cea din stanga,
Fara macar sa clipesc, fara macar sa-mi fac vant,
Gramada cu mine in cea din stanga,
Care, vai, nu era cea captusita cu puf!
Taras, m-am urnit mai departe.
M-am tarat ce m-am tarat,
Si deodata in fata mea
S-au deschis larg doua drumuri.
"V-arat eu voua !" - mi-am zis -
Si-am apucat-o tot pe cel din stanga,
In vrajmasie.
Gresit, foarte gresit, cel din dreapta era
Adevaratul, adevaratul, marele drum, cica.
Si la prima rascruce
M-am daruit cu toata fiinta
Celui din dreapta. Tot asa,
Celalalt trebuia acum, celalalt...
Acum merindea imi e pe sfarsite,
Toiagul din mana mi-a-mbatranit,
Nu mai dau din el muguri,
Sa stau la umbra lor
Cand m-apuca disperarea.
Ciolanele mi s-au tocit de pietre,
Scartaie si maraie impotriva-mi,
C-am tinut-o tot intr-o greseala...

Si iata in fata mea iar se casca
Doua ceruri :
Unul in dreapta.
Altul la stanga.

- Marin Sorescu

Little wing

"Well, she's walking through the clouds
with a circus mind
that's running wild.
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams
and fairy tales,
That's all she ever thinks about...

Riding the wind.

When I'm sad she comes to me
with a thousand smiles
she gives to me free

It's alright, she says,
it's alright,
Take anything you want from me,

Fly on, little wing "

- Jimi Hendrix

Povestea celor 3 copaci

A fost odata ca niciodata un deal. Pe dealul acesta cresteau trei copaci inalti. Cum e vorba de o poveste, copacii aveau si ei visurile lor, pe care si le povesteau unul altuia. Primul a spus:
-Eu vreau sa fiu transformat intr-o corabie, sa duc pe mare printii si printesele lumii.
-Eu, zise al doilea copac, as vrea sa fiu transformat intr-un sipet, care sa tina comorile cele mai de pret si cele mai mari, ale lumii.
-Eu, zise ultimul copac, vreau sa ajung cel mai mare si cel mai falnic copac, de pe dealul asta si sa se uite toti oamenii cu respect la mine.

Intr-o zi au venit taietorii de lemne. Primul copac jubila cand a fost taiat, caci se vedea cea mai mare corabie construita vreodata. Al doilea la fel, caci se vedea o lada plina cu aur curat. Al treilea era ingrozit, dar a fost si el taiat. Primul copac a fost dus intr-un sat de pescari si transformat in cateva barci de pescuit. Al doilea, in loc de lada cu comori a fost facut iesle pentru animale. Al treilea a fost taiat in doua bucati si lasat intr-un grajd vreme de multi ani. Visurile copacilor pareau sa fi fost sfaramate. Comorile, corabiile si semetia, pareau acum atat de departe.
Dar... Peste ani, o femeie insarcinata nu a avut unde sa nasca si a nascut in ieslea facuta din trunchiul primului copac. Mai tarziu, fiul ei a iesit pe mare int-una din barcile facute din trunchiul celui de-al doilea copac si s-a facut furtuna mare. El a spus furtunii sa stea si furtuna L-a ascultat. Dupa o vreme, omul acela a carat in spatele lui lemnele facute din cel de-al treilea copac, si a fost rastignit pe o cruce facuta din lemnul acestuia.
O iesle poate sa tina cea mai mare comoara, o barca de pescuit poate sa-l transporte pe cel mai mare rege, iar doua lemne pot fi cel mai inalt si cel mai falnic copac vazut vreodata.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What I miss the most...

... is walking with You along the Ocean's shore on the Sun rise...listening to Your wisdom on the winter silent night...enjoying Your presence in my beloved's heart...seeing You in his eyes...